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Frankfort High School

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Let us help you get involved!

Academic Super Bowl Ms. Cramer
Best Buddies  Mr. Jagger/Mrs. Jagger
Cauldron Mrs. Shaffer
Choir Miss Wood
CRASH  Mrs. Johnson/Mrs. Cruz
Dance Team  
DECA Mrs. Graham-Bishop
eSports Mr. Akridge/Mr. Clayton
FACS  Mrs. Hutton/Mrs. Jagger
Hooligans (Drama) Mr. Taylor
Hot Dog Fellowship Mrs. Kelly
Jazz Band  Mr. Hutton
Marching Band Mr. Hutton
National Honor Society Mrs. Thomas
Orchestra Mr. Hutton
Photography  Mrs. Cesare
SADD  Ms. Cramer
Science Olympiad  
Spanish Club (TAAG) Mrs. Roman/Ms. Garcia
Spell Bowl Mrs. Thomas
Student Council Mrs. Moudy



Class of 2024


 President: Garek Birge

 Vice President: Jacqueline Valencia

 Secretary: Daphne Santos

 Treasurer: Jazmin Lozano


Class of 2025


 President: Daizy Santos Valdez

 Vice President: Justine Thomas

 Secretary/Treasurer: Peyton Webster



Class of 2026

 President: Jack Michael

 Treasurer: Cameron Zheng



Class of 2027

 President: Luisrafael Madera

 Treasurer: Chloe Moudy


Student Council Officers

President: Jazmin Lozano

Vice President: Jacqueline Valencia

Secretary: Peyton Webster

Treasurer: Kaleb Compton




Chloe Moudy
Jessie Wills
Laikyn Barton
Maci Duckworth
Caroline Queen
Denise Guerra
Luisrafael Madera
Given West
Lily Rockhold
Jackie Tovar-Guijosa


Giselle Figueroa
Kaleb Micheal Compton
Joana Lozano-Barragan
Cameron Zheng
Jack Michael
Michelle Martinez Alanis
Jazmin Ostler
Ellie Perez


Ava Michael
Peyton Webster
Klarissa Castaneda
Daizy Santos Valdez
Justine Thomas
Kenzi Jagger
Isaias Rosales Jr
Angel Bautista
Maria Flores Hernanadez


Jazmin Lozano-Barragan
Eli Grasham
Izael Meza
Daphne Santos
Garek Zane Birge
Saira Flores
Jacqueline Valencia



Class Sponsors

9th grade – Carter Adkins and Debbie Ewing

10th grade - Citlali Roman and Sara Garcia

11th grade - Deborah Peart

12th grade - Michael Taylor and Cormac Jewell

Sponsors:  Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Cruz
Sponsor:  Ms. Cramer
Sponsors:  Mr. Jagger and Mrs. Jagger
Sponsor:  Mrs. Cesare
Sponsor:  Mr. Hutton
Frankfort High School offers many different Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities.
Please reach out to a staff member or stop by Student Services if you would like to know how to become involved.
You can also use your school email and reach out to the sponsor!
Class Officers and Student Council keep busy throughout the year.  Reach out to a member or Class Representative if you are interested in joining.