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FHS Band Competition

Congratulations to Nina Harshman, Kasey Klecz, and Michelle Garza for qualifying for STATE solo and ensemble contest! Michelle and Nina will also be taking solos to state! Awesome job by all band students Saturday!

Also receiving gold medals were Yahir Roman, Ivan Santos, Diego Santos woodwind trio

Gabby Reyes, Brianna Greeno, Caitlen Douglass and Natalia Ramos woodwind quartet

Kassandra Lopez Carrilo flute solo

Victoria Moss marimba solo

Caitlen Douglass, Mattie McBee, and Michelle Garza tenor saxophone trio

Gabby Reyes clarinet solo

Mattie McBee tenor saxophone solo

Silver medalists were Caitlen Douglas tenor saxophone solo

Natalia Ramos, Gaby Reyes, and Carmina Arizmendi woodwind trio

Richard Turner baritone solo

Jaccob Bitner baritone solo

Bronze medalist was Yahir Roman

Awesome job band!