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Krannert School of Management 

the Purdue Brand of Business

“Houston, we have a problem...”
Inspired by one of the most suspenseful events in American history, this iconic catchphrase has become a verbal ‘Bat-signal’ for sharp minds that can adapt and respond quickly in a think-fast situation.

It’s also a perfect snapshot of why business students at the Krannert School of Management graduate with a compelling advantage.


Regarded as one of the nation’s elite business schools, Krannert operates closely to a top-ranked engineering school, producing 23 Apollo and other NASA astronauts - far more than any other university.

Operating against this backdrop of Purdue’s strength in science and technology, Krannert uniquely approaches business learning from a research-based, quantitative angle that develops students’ analytical skills and, naturally, produces graduates with the resourceful, think-fast problem-solving abilities every modern-day commercial enterprise demands.


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