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Ancilla College


Ancilla College offers your students something very different from other colleges and universities. We are very small (just 500 students) and offer personal learning support (one faculty member for every 11 students). We’re in Donaldson Indiana, on a quiet, safe beautiful campus.

Ancilla is a fully accredited college that offers your graduates a place to learn, live, and play (with 17 different intercollegiate teams) in 20 different two-year degree programs. They can come here, thrive, graduate, and transfer to larger universities using our transfer pathways to schools like Loyola, Indiana, St. Joseph, Purdue, Holy Cross and other universities.

Our two key differences— transferable degree programs and a true focus on student support—are the essential difference our graduates tell us about again and again. Now, with a brand new residence hall and more scholarship options than ever, Ancilla can be a real option to students from anywhere to go everywhere.

Small liberal arts schools aren’t for every student. Some of your students will be successful in lecture halls or at elite institutions. Others may want small classes or need more support and time to build college skills. Ancilla College offers your students a personal college experience they will not have with impersonal ‘big box’ universities. Your students can start at Ancilla College and go further, with better learning skills. They can get to know professors first hand, get personal help in our Math Lab, Writing Center, and in tutoring sessions available at no extra cost.